Fr. Don Calloway video online

Renewal Ministries has their episode of "The Choices We Face" with Fr. Don as guest ("Mary, My Mother, My All") available online ("Real Player" format).  This is a short introduction to his conversion story.

(Update: no longer available online, but search for “Calloway” on this blog for other videos still online)

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Bernadette MacDonald

I have heard a little of Fr. Calloway’s story and would love to see the video. I’d also like to share it with friends & family. Thanks very much.

Elizabeth Housley

I was very impressed with Father Calloway’s video and his story of conversion.

Louise Pascuzzi

By the grace of God, I was Privliged to be in Medjorgorie when Fr Calloway gave his first homily. I was so inspired by his talk, I went to confession and poured my heart out to the priest. I got the gift of tears that day and was filled with the holy spirit. I was born again. My heart was changed, and I am still growing day by day. I pray that every man woman and child on this planet could feel Gods peace in thier hearts, just as I feel to this day since hearing Fr Calloway. He is a Gift from God.

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