Shrine/Eden Hill Tours

Back in Stockbridge for a little while.  They’ve started giving special tours of Eden Hill here that explain the history.  The tours are more broadly-based with historical data while still talking about why the Marians are here.  (In the early years we came to find a place for the novitiate, and now are here for the Shrine of Divine Mercy and Marian Helpers Center.)  If you visit, you might want to try getting a tour.

Mariae Corolla

subtitled “A Wreath for Our Lady” (I think that is what it means), this book is a collection of poems by Fr. Edumund of the Heart of Mary, C.P (Benjamin D. Hill), from 1898.  While it is a fairly rare book, I’m finding copies of it all over this library at the University of Dayton.  Of course the Marian Library has multiple copies, but the regular library has it also, and so does the U.S. Catholic Collection.  Some of the poems are quite impressive.  Here is part of “Via Immaculata” (A devotion for Holy Communion)

Mary, thou chosen, thou Immaculate Way
Whereby our Jesus came unto His own;
Behold, to me He comes, to make a throne
Of my poor heart for brief, but gracious, stay!
Let me by thee recieve Him:  for I may,
Since thus the world received Him–thus alone.
Lend me thy Heart, that treasure only known
At its full worth by Him who comes to-day.
Come to me, then O Jesus–come, my King!
For see, I offer Thee a sinless Heart–
The one which drew Thee earthward in the hour
When, swifter than the glad archangel’s wing,
Thou answeredst Mary’s answer!  Nor depart
Till she hath spoil’d thee a rich mercy’s dower.

In Dayton

Now I’m in Dayton, Ohio, at the Marian Library!  This is the largest collection of written materials on the Blessed Virgin Mary in the world.  I don’t think that any woman has had more written about her than the Blessed Virgin Mary.  She deserves it, of course.  It is always worth contemplating the one who brought the Savior into the world, the one who was chosen to give flesh to the God-Man and to care for Him on earth.  I’m taking a course on Mary in the Medieval Period, and it’s awesome.  Today, one of the gems was the dual-role Mary had as the provider for the human Christ (feeding, showing affection for, etc.) while being the servant and worshiper of the truely divine Christ (adoring Him as God).  It’s a balancing act that a fallen human being could not have done, so it makes sense that she was preserved from the stain of original sin.