I’m taking a little vacation in Wisconsin. It is rather cold and snowy, which makes me less interested in traveling anywhere while on vacation.

The March for Life seemed to draw a rather large number of people. I read that some thought it was the largest March ever, and suggested the number to be 225,000. Although that might be a generous number, it appeared to me that the March attracted many, many groups of people from across the United States, and was probably the largest I have seen since I first participated in 1996. I would easily put it at over 100,000. I’m not sure why the March was so large–perhaps there is a bit more of an awakening to the seriousness of life issues. The exact reasons are not as important as the simple fact that the March is growing.

Digital TV Age Arrives at Our House

We only get a few channels here for around $13 a month–it is the most basic cable package we can get. EWTN disappeared from the package recently, or so we thought. We recently purchased a VCR/DVD Recorder with a digital tuner so our old TV can show digital programs. In setting it up, I found EWTN is one of the digital channels!

I now record the news on DVD (hi-def news, that is), and I can either watch it while it is recording or watch it afterwards, and skip right past the commercials with the “CM SKIP” button. We can also rewind and watch news stories again, which sometimes helps to reveal a bit of misinformation here and there. Sometimes it just clarifies what was said. This certainly gives us more control over the programs we watch (and, more importantly, the return of EWTN).