A Mysterious and Wonderful LP

Lourdes LP Cover

Westminster Records released classical music for the most part. Here, however, is something quite Catholic and quite unusual for the label. “A Day of Pilgrimage at Lourdes” is a sound documentary, without commentary, of various events and celebrations that occurred on the Feast of the Sacred Heart in either 1954 or 1955. I’m not sure how this record ended up being released by Westminster Records, but I’m sure there is a story behind it.

Lourdes LP Back Cover

From the Diary of Blessed George Matulaitis

This is, in fact, the first entry — from 1910:

October 14
My motto shall be: to seek God in all things, to do all things for the greater glory of God, to bring the Spirit of God into all things so that all may be filled with it. May God and His glory be the center of my whole life, the axis about which all my thoughts, feelings, desires, and actions continually turn.

The glory of God and the salvation of souls. Can any other goal be greater or more sublime than this? Compared to this goal, everything else seems trivial. Of what value are even the best and noblest human ideals beside it? And so, is it not right and just for us to devote our whole lives and all that we have—our possessions, talents, even life itself to attain this goal?

PDF of the complete Diary