Speech Recognition

This entry was produced by speaking into the ViaVoice program. My parents had an old copy of ViaVoice that they had given up on, so they gave it to me. It’s the Millennium Edition produced in 1999. Although there have been many improvements to this program since then, I am still able to produce fairly accurate text through this program.

During my vacation, I picked up a few used LPs. one of them was Dvorak’s “Dumky.” (I had to type that word in). They are small musical pieces performed by a trio consisting of piano, violin, and cello. I also obtained Bruckner’s Quintet (ViaVoice knew that word), which is quite a relaxing piece. I fell asleep to it. I am not saying it is boring, but good for a more relaxed mood. I definitely require a turntable that is at least semi-automatic, otherwise, the needle would be stuck going around the run-off groove when I fall asleep. This is not good for the needle.

Perhaps using ViaVoice causes my entries to contain more trivial information. It certainly allows for a more stream-of-consciousness approach.

Perhaps I should be reading Sacramentum Caritatis further instead of doing this.

On Vacation

I’m on vacation with my parents. They just bought a refurbished IBM ThinkCentre PC, running at 3 GHz. It’s a major improvement compared to their old Packard Bell 233 MHz PC. I’ve been getting it set up and running. They will use OpenOffice for word processing—no need to buy anything in that field anymore.  (Slight correction — page numbers are a hastle in OpenOffice.)

I’ve also been celebrating Mass at the local parish here. There are quite a few coming to daily Mass (about 40). It’s encouraging.