Unity of Government in the Church

“Unity of government is not less essential to the Church of Christ than unity of doctrine. Our divine Saviour never speaks of His Churches, but of His Church. He does not say : ” Upon this rock I will build my Churches,” but, ” Upon this rock I will build my Church,” from which words we must, conclude, that it never was His intention to establish or to sanction various conflicting denominations, but one corporate body, with all the members united under one visible Head ; for as the Church is a visible body, it must have a visible head.”

Cardinal Gibbons:
Faith of Our Fathers

Archive of Obscure Catholic Audio

I’m developing an archive of rather obscure Catholic audio files… mainly from LPs and reel to reel tapes of yesteryear. These are things which I presume to be in the public domain or have received permission to post.

You will find something for a variety of ages and tastes there (i.e. lives of saints, radio dramas, etc.). The files are listed newest first, so part 2 is shown above part 1 for programs which have 2 parts.

The Archive

Old Time Radio

What do I listen to in terms of Old Time Radio? Ok, maybe you didn’t have that question in mind, but I’ll answer it anyhow:

For comedy: Give me a good ol’ Jack Benny show. It always seems to deliver at least one great laugh. I generally don’t feel it was a complete waste of time to listen to one of these for some comedy. I particularly like the later CBS shows.

Also, Fibber McGee and Molly tend to deliver some good laughs. The show tends to be about “nothing.” Ok, so Fibber has a hair-brained scheme or there’s a misunderstanding that isn’t discovered until the end of the show, but overall, there really isn’t much substance. That’s fine as long as the laughs are there.

I’ll discuss other genres in the future.

Small Things with Great Love

This is one great song. It’s not going to be a big hit. It could be, but listen to the lyrics:

You have not called me to be successful.
You have called me to be faithful.
I can do small things with great love
and make my life something beautiful for God.

Yesterday is gone.
Tomorrow has not yet come.
We have only today.
Let us begin.

Listen to the entire song:
Danielle Rose – Small Things with Great Love
You can also purchase the song for download.

Time to Chant

God works in mysterious ways…. Here I am, preparing to celebrate a Missa Cantata – a High Mass in the Extraordinary Form – on the campus of Franciscan University of Steubenville next Sunday. I have never done this before, and I have only celebrated a few Low Masses.

I have some helps. One is this gem which should be re-released:

Chant Record

This is a great help, and although I plan on staying with simple chants, this High Mass is still an awesome (with the “frightful” connotation that is implied in this word) thing to prepare for.

Matt Maher’s music listened to on Space Shuttle

Yes, one of the astronauts, Ron Garan, is a core team member of LifeTeen. He took Matt’s new CD up this past May on a Shuttle flight–STS-124 Discovery. I saw a picture of it on Matt Maher’s website, but it was in a slideshow, and I couldn’t find a way to get just the picture.

I thought it was cool when I was listening to Matt Maher’s music (Overflow CD) when I was on a train in Rome, but this is about at “out there” as it gets for a musician right now.

I can’t find much of an article about it. Here’s an article saying that it would happen before it did.