Preparing for school

Ironically, I’m preparing for school, but I’m not going to attend any classes!  I’ll be helping out with sacramental ministry at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, however.

Meanwhile, I also have some time to enjoy listening to LPs of classical music.  Most recently, I listened to some Vivaldi.  Yes, he was a priest, but apparently he wasn’t very focused on sacramental ministry.  He might have had some sort of allergy because he complained of a constriction in his chest after celebrating Mass, and thus was apparently given a dispensation from the requirement to celebrate.

The ability to celebrate Mass is quite a gift.  Even the angels can’t do this.  It’s too awesome for words.  Poor Vivaldi.  His music is beautiful, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the ability to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Mary on a Pedestal

I was reading an article that told me I should avoid the mentality that puts Mary on a pedestal.

In other words, she’s just like me?

If that were the case, we would be in a lot of trouble.  To be the Mother of God, she couldn’t be "just like me."

Mary is sinless, and I am not.  In fact, none of us are.

Thanks be to God that Mary is sinless, and thereby very different from me.  She is a sign of sure hope.

It’s possible to be sinless, but nobody except Mary has received this gift.  That’s ok.  It’s enough to know that it happened to one of us.

Mary is higher in rank than all the angels and saints.  Thanks be to God.

I don’t have to put Mary above me.  God already has.  She IS NOT just like me.  If she was, I couldn’t look up to her.  She is Queen of heaven and earth.

Ya know it’s true.

I’m not the only Fr. Larson???

I knew that already, but I didn’t know there was a Fr. Jan Larson in Spokane.  He wrote some complaints about the way Mass is celebrated at EWTN  in an article in the Diocese of Spokane’s Inland Register.

To clear up any possible misunderstanding–I’m Fr. John Larson, M.I.C.  I have never been to the state of Washington, but I have been to EWTN and was on EWTN a few times.  I think EWTN’s liturgy is A-OK.

Not as busy now

The (future) postulants are off to Stockbridge, MA, for a retreat.  They will officially become postulants on August 15.

I’m still in Steubenville with some small projects to work on, including lots of food procurement.

Recently watched on TV via DVD:  "The Man Called X", a show from the 50s featuring a secret agent fighting enemies of the U.S. — mainly Communists.  Leonard Nemoy was one of the bad guys on the episode "Speech" from November of 1956.

Busy time

The new postulants (actually, I should say candidates, because they will not become postulants officially until August 15) are adjusting to religious life in the midst of an extreme heat wave.  None of the bedrooms have air conditioning, although our chapel and dining room do.  My room was 90 degrees today, and I think some may have been higher.  This is definitely a time of penance.

I am off to the store for some more food.