Thoughts on the Beatification of Chiara Luce Badano

Although I was not able to go, I’m glad that two Marians went to the beatification. I watched the Internet feed, and I could tell there are graces coming from this that are spreading all over the world. There are many factors, but for me one of the main ones is “relatability.” People can relate to Bl. Chiara on a variety of levels. The “proximity” in time is area I relate to . She was one grade behind me in school. The relatability creates a certain approachability. The fact of her being beatified by the Church gives credibility and also shows her capability in interceding.

That seems plenty to reflect on for a while.
Also, here’s an article from Fr. Joe Roesch, M.I.C., who attended the beatification: A Model of Mercy is Beatified

The Quiet Return

I’ve seen others comment on this, and it does seem to be the case as far as I can tell also. It’s a little after the third anniversary of Summorum Pontificum, and one can almost trace an increase in vocations to that time. There was an increase after the death of Pope John Paul II, but the more recent increase is even stronger.

Also, some people are quietly returning to the practice of the Catholic faith. Some are being attracted by the “new” signs of renewal caused by the increase in the practice of the Extraordinary Form.

There’s no radical change, but Summorum Pontificum didn’t produce a radical change either. It just opened up new possibilities. It was not “turning around the altar,” but rather giving the “new” possibility of “turning around.”