Bl. Miguel Pro — The Movie

When I saw For Greater Glory, I noticed that Bl. Miguel Pro was noticeably absent, but I also thought, “But there is a movie about him already.” A portrayal of his execution is present at the end of the movie, but there doesn’t seem to be any mention of him otherwise.

Yes, there was a movie made about Bl. Miguel Pro. It’s not the greatest, but it does exist. The original title is Rain for a Dusty Summer, but it is currently marketed on DVD as Guns of the Revolution.

It’s a low budget movie made in 1971 using “Spaghetti Western” techniques–filmed in Spain mainly.

Overall, it’s fair, but there are some hilarious scenes of Bl. Miguel Pro hiding in plain sight and evading the authorities. It shows that an excellent movie could be made about him. It would put the audience in stitches.

The performance of Fr. Humberto Almazán as Padre Miguel Pro is excellent. He actually is a priest, and was when he acted the role! He brings out the clowning, playful character of the blessed who, by keeping things light, was able to help people during a very difficult time in Mexican history.

Ven. Fulton J. Sheen and Purgatory

I recently wrote an article about the thoughts of Ven. Fulton J. Sheen on the subject of Purgatory.

Here is a paragraph from his book The Moral Universe: A Preface to Christian Living.

Three possible states await a soul after death:
a state of perfect Love without suffering which is heaven;
a state of suffering without Love which is hell,
and a state of Love with suffering which is Purgatory.
Purgatory is a creation of the mercy of God. (128)

A PDF of the article can be found here.

Quotes from St. Maximilian Kolbe

I’ve got a book filled with great quotes from St. Maximilian Kolbe (Maria Was His Middle Name). Here’s an example:

“[Mary’s] will does not differ from the will of God. Calling upon Her without reserve, you manifest a love for the will of God, for Her will is so perfect that in nothing does it differ from His. Thus you give glory to God that He created so perfect a creature and took Her for His Mother.”
–Letter to a religious brother, 18.IV.1934

“The Immaculate One left this earth, but Her life is deep in the hearts of men and has spread wide and far. If all the souls that have made this earthly pilgrimage could speak, there would be countless ponderous tomes to witness the activity of the Immaculate One, that sensitive mother of souls, purchased by the Precious Blood of her Divine Son…” (From Material for a Book on the Immaculate: Throughout the Ages) (pg. 70)