Reading an ebook

I’ve finally ventured into this territory.  A priest gave me an old Sony Clie of his (like a Palm Pilot, and compatible), and I found some free ebooks for Catholics.  I’m reading Lord of the World by Fr. Benson.  It’s quite an amazing novel, especially considering it was written in 1907 and deals with the future.  Ok, he got a number of things wrong, but there are some things he got right too.  The deep truths behind the text keep the book interesting, and some incredible scenes are described.

Will it ever happen again?

Remember the days when a song about the Blessed Virgin Mary was on the pop charts?  I don’t.

Here of course, I mean a song with a positive message about the Blessed Virgin Mary…and it did happen back in 1950.

Look at the chart!

(This link may not work directly, but the link is still there.)
That’s right, “Our Lady of Fatima” is at number 5. It climbed through the month of October, which recalls the Miracle of the Sun (October 13, 1917).

And, part of the lyrics…

Dear Mary won’t you show us
The right and shining way
We pledge our love and offer you
a Rosary each day

A miracle in its day, but now, beyond our wildest dreams.