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Mary, Our Mother and Educator

Purchase info: buy here. I’ve just discovered the writings of Fr. Joseph Kentenich, founder of the Schoenstatt movement. Wow. He has some incredible insights. And, his Mariology is quite practical, focusing on Our Lady’s intercession today, here and now, with us, including the idea of her educating us. This book is quite helpful, since it… Read More »

Mary Foreshadowed

Book: Mary Foreshadowed; or, Considerations on the Types and Figures of Our Blessed Lady in the Old Testament Author: Rev. F. Thaddeus, O.S.F. (Francis Hermans) R. Washbourne London, 1885. This has some great examples and great quotes, including a number from Raymond Jordan (Idiota). Here is an example in the comparison of Our Lady to… Read More »

Denis the Carthusian on the Blessed Virgin

Many great works about the Blessed Virgin Mary exist in Latin, and one I recently discovered is by Denis the Carthusian. He lived in the 15th century, dedicated much of his life to prayer, study, and writing, and wrote a number of profound theological works. One of his works on Our Lady is a treatise… Read More »

Quotes from “Idiota”

Raymundus Jordanus, or Raymund Jordan, styled himself “The Idiot,” or in Latin “Idiota.” He lived in the 14th century. Yet this author had some profound reflections. Let’s look at a few: Here’s one about the Blessed Virgin as a Spring. Thou, O most pious Virgin, art properly called “a Spring”; for as a spring issues… Read More »

The Bibliografia Mariana is Online!

I didn’t realize this, but this important tool in Mariological research is online. It’s sometimes called the “Besutti,” after the name of the main editor for many years. Ok, most people reading this have never heard of it, but, trust me, as far as a reference to what has been done in the 20th century… Read More »