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December 2013
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December 29, 2013

Mary’s Meals

Filed under: Audio and Video,Catholic News — Fr. John Larson @ 5:54 pm

It’s hard to not want to promote this group. They are doing some incredible work. Yes, to give one decent meal to over 700,000 children a day–children that would otherwise struggle to get that meal, that often suffer from hunger–is quite an accomplishment. It’s a very simple program, yet it makes a huge impact. A number of videos explaining it are online. Here’s a 6 minute introductory video:

Mary’s Meals USA – The Difference A Meal Makes from Mary's Meals on Vimeo.

Here’s an interview on “The Choices We Face” with the founder. This gives lots of information.

Mary’s Meals – Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow from Renewal Ministries on Vimeo.

Here’s the complete movie done by Grassroots Films called “Child 31.” It’s quite powerful, although not as informative as the interview, so I recommend watching the interview first.

Finally, here’s the US website for Mary’s Meals: Mary’s Meals USA.

P.S. If you need some encouragement to learn more about this, perhaps a message from Celine Dion will help:

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December 7, 2013

Divine Mercy Apostolates

Filed under: Divine Mercy,Marian News — Fr. John Larson @ 2:24 am

The Marians are associated with a number of apostolates associated with Divine Mercy. Among them are Eucharistic Apostles of The Divine Mercy and the Mother of Mercy Messengers.

A list of the apostolates is here.

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