A faux homily

Drawing off the previous entry…

Remember a show called "The Kids from C.A.P.E.R."? Remember the group of guys solving crimes? Actually, I forgot the title, but I found it while looking up information on the "Krofft Supershow." The only thing I really remember from the show is the line "…the tallest building in the world… without an elevator." I believe they put the line in every episode of the show. Now, it might have been funny the first time, but after that, it simply became something to repeat. Repetiton is indeed a powerful way to remember things, even if they have no relation to our lives. However, our faith has direct relation to our lives. Therefore, we should repeat important doctrines. We do this when we recite the Creed….

The show was apparently a rather poor quality production–pulled after a season. No wonder I didn’t remember the title.  A video of the intro is floating around the ‘net.

A practice homily

Dennis at Vita Mea wrote a practice homily for Mercy Sunday. I must say, his reference to Scooby Doo brought back memories. In fact, the episode he referred to was made into a talking ViewMaster ("That’s Snow Ghost"), which I remember having.

Of course, I doubt I could ever use such an example here. The age range is from below the age of reason to around 90 for Mass here, and those who would remember that sort of thing are the fewest of the congregants. Most members in their 20s and 30s are MIA, unless they are married with children.

The Family Rosary

"But it is above all in the bosom of the family that We desire the custom of the Holy Rosary to be everywhere adopted, religiously preserved, and ever more intensely practiced. In vain is a remedy sought for the wavering fate of civil life, if the family, the principle and foundation of the human community, is not fashioned after the pattern of the Gospel."


In Stockbridge

Mercy Sunday–I think it was the most rain-filled one ever here at Stockbridge.

Local paper headline:  Mercy in the Mud

The rain would not stop, and it was cold too.  I was either in the house or the confession tent.  I concelebrated at an early Mass, so I didn’t go to the big Mass.

Recommended OTR show

I just listened to "Jacob’s Hands." This fine drama was performed for the CBS Radio Workshop. The story has been recently released in book form and there was going to be a movie adaptation, but it never materialized. The drama is well-worth a listen. Does Jacob really have the power to heal?

The introduction says it was based on a true story. I haven’t found anything connected, however. It reminds me of St. Rocco.

You can download the episode from this podcast page.

Also, on the Marian devotion side of things, I recommend the 54 day Rosary Novena for serious cases.

A blessed Easter

We should still be wishing each other a happy Easter or saying "Christ is risen!" It is, after all, an 8 day celebration.

I got one of those Digital Music Player gizmos. It’s a refurbished Samsung, and it can play Ogg Vorbis files (I wanted that feature because I prefer to encode files from CDs with Ogg Vorbis–I think it sounds better). It locks up on occasion (maybe that’s why it was returned). Oh well. Now time to listen to Catholic podcasts!

JP II on the power of the Eucharist

"Every time that the words of consecration are pronounced in the Mass and the Body and Blood of the Lord are made present in the act of sacrifice, there is also present the triumph of love over hatred, of holiness over sin. Every Eucharistic celebration is more powerful than all the evil of the universe; it signifies a real concrete fulfillment of the Redemption and an ever deeper reconciliation of sinful humanity with God in the prospect of a better world."

General audience of June 1, 1983; ORE N.23, June 6,1983, p.6.

I’m basing my homily on this…

Holy Week

I was a concelebrant at the Chrism Mass for the diocese of Joliet yesterday. Now, I have to get ready for the Triduum. There’s plenty to do. I’ll be preaching at the Easter Vigil.

On the turntable: Songs of Faith and Inspiration, The Robert Shaw Chorale (RCA Red Seal from 1964)

To see a great documentary on JP II (in Italian, but you don’t need to know Italian to enjoy it)

1. Go to Raiclick

2. Select NOTIZIE

3. On left bar, select PAPA WOJTYLA


This has some extremely funny parts to it, and serious parts also. It has very little commentary–the images tell the story for the most part.

UPDATE:  Ok, they added an introduction to the special, but when you get a few minutes into it, you will see the original special from last year, produced shortly before JP II died.

A Household Song

If I were to do this entry properly, I would have to explain about the household system at Franciscan U. of Steubenville. Rather, I just want to point out that, among other talents, Amalia Zea (produced of EWTN’s "Life on the Rock") is a decent pianist and songwriter. She wrote a song called "My Beloved" years ago based on the Song of Songs. When I saw her perform it, I thought it was some professional song written by a Protestant and she happened to be one of the few that played it, but it turns out she wrote it. It became her household’s song. At the household’s page the lyrics to the song can be found with an MP3 file of the girls singing it. It sounds so… Steubenville… if you know what I mean. Amalia’s performance of the song (back when I saw her perform it) was incredible. She can seriously sing!

I should also mention that the Love of the Lamb household has some rather distinguished alumni, including Shannon Walsh, who was just on "Life on the Rock" recently.  It’s funny how that happens…   (She most definitely deserved to be–I’m not suggesting otherwise.)