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February 2004
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February 22, 2004

Today is the anniversary

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The anniversary of St. Faustina receiving the Divine Mercy Image, that is.  You can see the restored Vilnius image–the first one painted under St. Faustina’s direction, at this website.


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February 15, 2004

Prayer needed

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As we enter into Lent, and the time when the Passion of the Christ movie is released, it seems like a good idea to pray for God to make the best use of all the circumstances so that this Lent will be a time of greater conversion among many (including ourselves).  May Our Lady be interceeding for us in a special way this Lent, along with our patron saints.


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Family Theater

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I am happy to report the re-release of some half-a-century old radio programs.  I have a number of the episodes and I have found many of them quite enjoyable.  The program is called Family Theater.  The company that produced them is still in business (started by the Servant of God Fr. Patrick Peyton) and continues to make family-oriented programming.  These shows have some real gems.  Hopefully you will be hearing them on a Catholic radio station near you.


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February 10, 2004


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The Passion of the Christ is stiring up controversey left and right.  Defenders and condemners everywhere.  I’ll simply link to yet another pro-movie article from CatholicExchange.  Once I’ve seen the movie I’ll probably, like most Catholic bloggers, write a big huge long post.


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