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September 2013
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September 24, 2013

Gianna Jessen

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Abortion survivor Gianna Jessen gives a talk in 2012.

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Mary Foreshadowed

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Book: Mary Foreshadowed; or, Considerations on the Types and Figures of Our Blessed Lady in the Old Testament
Author: Rev. F. Thaddeus, O.S.F. (Francis Hermans)
R. Washbourne
London, 1885.

This has some great examples and great quotes, including a number from Raymond Jordan (Idiota).

Here is an example in the comparison of Our Lady to Esther:

There are many points of resemblance between Esther and the Blessed Virgin Mary; but we will confine ourselves to the most conspicuous among them.

Esther pleased Assuerus so much that he loved her more than all other women; he took her for his spouse, and made her queen. Similarly, our Blessed Lady was so pleasing to God, that He blessed her above all other women; He chose her to be the Mother of His Beloved Son, and consequently made her Queen of the whole universe. St. Bernardine expresses this thought in the following terms: ‘Mary is the true Esther, whom the King, that is, God, loved above all other women, above all other creatures. He placed the royal crown upon her head, and made her Queen.’ Oh! what an advantage, what a privilege it is for us to have so great, so excellent a Queen! Let us with all our heart dedicate ourselves to the service of this Queen; let us honour her, and love her to the utmost of our power; for, as Richard of St. Lawrence says, she is not like other sovereigns who oppress their subjects with burdens and taxes; our Queen, on the contrary, enriches her servants with graces, merits, and rewards. (pages 216-7)

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September 17, 2013

The Holy Ways of the Cross

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Full Title:
The Holy Ways of the Cross; or A Short Treatise on the Various Trials and Afflictions, Interior and Exterior, to which the Spiritual Life is Subject, and the Means of Making a Good Use Thereof.
Henri-Marie Boudon
Year Published:
Link to complete book: Holy Ways of the Cross
Link to PDF

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September 16, 2013

Denis the Carthusian on the Blessed Virgin

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Many great works about the Blessed Virgin Mary exist in Latin, and one I recently discovered is by Denis the Carthusian. He lived in the 15th century, dedicated much of his life to prayer, study, and writing, and wrote a number of profound theological works.

One of his works on Our Lady is a treatise called De praeconio et dignitate Beatae Virginis Mariae. I think one could say “Of the proclamation and the dignity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.” It consists of 4 books, and they are contained in volume 35 of his Opera Omnia, which is, like many old books these days, available free online. The work begins on page 477.

A few headings: Of the enmity which has arisen between the Woman and the serpent.
What then is the enmity this Lady has toward the serpent?
That the same Son eternally begotten of the Father was born of Blessed Mary in time.
That the glory, dignity, and grace of Mary is indescribable, and in some sense infinite.
Of the incomparable fruitfulness of Mary
A comparison of the fecundity of the Holy Virgin to the fecundity of the Eternal Father…

Would that someone could translate these works….

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September 6, 2013

Mary of Nazareth

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I was able to see some of the edited English edition of this Lux Vide production. It is indeed quite impressive, but needed the editing from the original miniseries format.

Ignatius Press has a Webpage dedicated to it now: Mary of Nazareth.

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