More Books about the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Latin Language

It’s amazing how many books about the Blessed Virgin Mary are available free online to either read or download. Here are more classic examples of Mariology.

Mariale of Bl. Bernadine of Busti, O.F.M. (1511)

Psalterium divae Virginis Mariae rhythmice conscriptum by Stephanus (Cantuarensis) (1579)

Theotocodia sive parthenodia opus eximium in laudem deiparae Virginis by Tito Próspero Martinengo (1583)

Apologeticus Marianus by Johannes Paludanus (1623)

Elucidarium Deiparae by Juan Bautista Poza (1627)

De Immaculata prorsusque pura, sanctissimae, semperque virginis genitricis Dei Mariae Conceptione by Juan Serrano (1635)

Sancti Bernardini Senensis ordinis Seraphici Minorum Opera omnia synopsibus ornata, postillis illustrata, nec non variis tractatibus… Volume 4 (1635). This book contains sermons of St. Bernardine of Siena concerning the Blessed Virgin.

Nomenclator Marianus, e titulis selectioribus, quibus B. Virgo a S.S. Patribus honestatur, contextus (1639) by Théophile Raynaud

Rosetum Deiparae Virginis Mariae (1641) by Johann Christian Itzstein

Philosophia tota deiparae sacra by Conrad Calmelet, Ignatius Waizenegger (1642)

Diptycha Mariana. Quibus inanes Beatissimae Virginis Praerogativae, Plerisque Novis Scriptionibus Vulgate, a Probates et Veris Apud Patres, Thelogosque Receptis, Solide, et Accurate Secernuntur (1643) by Théophile Raynaud

Corona augustissimae Virginis Dei Matris (1645) by François Poiré

Directiones Mariani colloquii Deiparae Virginis (1645) by Jacob Rhem. This book is from Jakob Rem, the Jesuit who founded the Sodality of Our Lady in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, and received in a private revelation the term “Mother Thrice Admirable,” which is used today most commonly in the Schoenstatt movement.

Adae abbatis Perseniae, sacri ordinis Cisterciensis alumni, … Mariale Quo … By Adam de Perseigne collected by I. Marracci (1652)

Firmamentum Symbolicum in quo Deiparae Elogia, Quibus velunt firmamentum stellis est (1652) by Sebastianus (a Matre Dei) Mary is the symbolic firmament, the firmament of stars as it were.

Opera Omnia by Raymond Jordon (Idiota) (1654) collected by Théophile Raynaud. Included in this book ascribed to “Idiota,” are a number of “contemplations” of the Virgin Mary: a shorter set of contemplations that was translated into a number of languages, including English, which begins on page 204, and a complete tract on the Blessed Virgin, which covers many topics (de Vita et Laudibus Gloriosae Virginis Mariae). This is found beginning on page 219 according to the PDF file/viewer or 119 according to the book (there is an error in the book pagination it really should read 219. A Spanish translation: Contemplaciones del Idiota (1550) has the short set of contemplations on the Virgin Mary beginning on page 245.

Domus propitiationis pauperis in patrocinium Mariae Deiparae by François Van Hondegen (1655). The title translates to: The House of Propitiation of the Poor Under the Patronage of Mary the Mother of God. The first section of the book deals with the mediation and mercy of Christ, and then afterwards examples of the patronage of Mary to those devoted to her.

Exceptiones Concilii Tridentini pro omnimoda puritate Deiparae Virginis expensae (1655) by Juan Eusebio Nieremberg

Annus Marianus by Paul de Barry and Adam Schirmbeck (1659)

Maiestas gratiarum ac virtutum omnium Deiparae Virginis, Mariae (1659) by Francisco Guerra (only Volume 2 is online)

Disputationes Theologiae Scholasticae, Volume 2 (1661) by Georges de Rhodes. This text contains a tract on Mary, the Mother of God.

Hyperdulia Deiparae seu Conciones, in omnia Festa B. Virginis Mariae (1673) by Joannes Dedinger

Hebdomada Mariana Divisa In Diversas Orationes Jaculatorias Pro Qualibet Die … (1675) by Constantius Arzonni

Hyperdulia Mariana (or Hyperdulia Sacra Mariana) (1676) by Maximilian Schmidt, Pietro Antonio Spinelli

Excitationes dormitantis animae circa Psalmum 86, Canticum Magnificat, Salvatationem Angelicam, et Antiphonam Salve Regina, ad colendam, laudandam, et diligendam Sanctissimam Virginem Deiparam by Angelo Paciuchelli (1682)

Sacra Beatae Mariae Virginis ex Evangelio ad literam epitheta:
sanctorum Patrum ac interpretum doctrina accurate explanata …
by Miguel de Ulate (1707)

Virginis Mariae, magnae Dei, et hominis Christi Iesu, dignissimae matris … by Miguel de Ulate (1714)

Quaestiones disputatae de Immaculata Conceptione Beatae Mariae Virginis by William of Ware, John Duns Scotus, Petrus Aureoli (1904)

Latin Texts about the Blessed Virgin Mary online

A list of classic books in Latin concerning the Blessed Virgin Mary that could be useful for Mariologists (available free online):

Biblia Mariana Title Page

Psalterium Gloriosissimae Virginis Mariae
by Ulrich Stöckl (1580). This is from the days when the Hail Mary ended with “fruit of your womb, Jesus Christ,” and then they added phrases (usually 3 lines) to this. Each “Hail Mary” was its own prayer with a particular petition or observation. This book has some “warts” of antisemitism, so it is no doubt best that this particular Psalterium vanished into obscurity.

Monita Mariana by Adrianus Mangotius. This book is an example of early Biblical Mariology, since most of the chapters are based on explaining a particular verse of the Old Testament or New Testament relating to Mary, and quoting other parts of Scripture and Church Fathers to interpret it. Included are such verses as Genesis 3:15, Isaiah 7:14, and Jeremiah 31:22.

Maria Deipara thronus Dei by Pietro Antonio Spinelli (1619)

De eminentissima Deiparae Virginis perfectione by Giovanni Maria da Udine (1629)

De eminentia deiparae Virginis Mariae semper immaculatae by Giovanni Battista Novati (1639). This book discusses various attributes of the Virgin Mary in a scholastic format. It covers such topics as the knowledge of Mary, her virtues, her singular perogatives and perfections, her glorious Assumption, her intercession, and devotions to Her.

De affectu et amore erga Jesum et Mariam by Juan Eusebio Nieremberg (1645)

Bibliotheca Mariana by Marracci (1648)

Theatrum Excellentiarum SS Deiparae ex Consociatione Excellentarum Sui Filii by Martinus Philippus Convelt (1655)

Allegationes et avisamenta pro immaculata conceptione beatissimae virginis by Johannes (de Segovia), Pedro de Alva y Astorga (1664)

Monumenta antiqua Immaculatae Conceptionis Sacratissimae Virginis Mariae compiled by Fr. Pedro de Alba y Astorga (1664)

Magnificentia Dei erga matrem suam by Paul de Barry (1675). This appears to be some sort of calendar.

Maria Deipara Elucidata Theologiae Placitis… by Francisco Garau (1688)

Panoplia Mariana: Jean-Baptiste Van Ketwigh (1710)

De immaculata B. Virginis conceptione dissertatio by Giovanni A. de Luca (1739)

Mater Amoris Et Doloris, Quam Christus In Cruce Moriens Omnibus ac Singulis… by Anton Ginther (1741)

Biblia Mariana by Josephum de S. Miguel et Barco Burgensem, Ordinis Praedicatorum (1749)
from Europeana / from Google Books

De immaculato deiparae semper virginis conceptu Caroli Passaglia …, Volume 1 by Carlo Passaglia (1854)