Article Translation

The most recent issue of Famiglia Cristiana has an interview with Stanislaw Cardinal Dziwisz. Here is my rough translation of the first question.

  • Your Eminence, what are your memories of the evening when the Pope died?
  • “Someone stopped the pointers of the clock at 21.37: the time of death. I remember that we intoned the Te Deum and not the Requiem, to thank God for giving us a man and a Pope like Karol Wojtyla. After that, the body was carried into the private chapel of the apartment. Many people came to greet it as if it were still a living person. I will never forget when I put the veil on the face of this man who was like a father to me, that I continued to serve from his time as bishop to his pontificate. It was not easy.”

    Bl. George Matulaitis

    Our renovator, Blessed George Matulaitis, died 80 years ago today. We celebrated his feast day here at the House of Studies. Ok, actually it was celebrated in all Marian houses around the world.

    Blessed George revived our community in the early 20th century. The Marians would have died out if he hadn’t appeared on the scene.

    You can listen to a recently recorded version of our Marian Anthem, Mater Dei Immaculata.

    Also, you can read about other great figures from Marian history. Three are currently “blessed,” and our founder is probably going to be beatified later this year.

    Blessed George, pray for us!

    The miracle for the beatificaion of the founder of the Marians

    I got a request in a comment for further clarification on the miracle: Here it is straight from a page of a site concerning Fr. Founder:


    The miracle that opens the way for the beatification happened about five years ago and concerns a pregnant woman. When she went to her doctor, the doctor declared that the baby had died.

    Father Wojciech Skóra, MIC, Postulator General, explained that the woman’s godfather, when he learned of the child’s death, had prayed that through Fr. PapczyÅ„ski’s intercession the child would be saved.

    The godfather was convinced that Fr. PapczyÅ„ski would intercede since the godfather “himself received very many graces by praying through his intercession,” said Fr. Wojciech.

    Three days after the fetus was declared dead, the woman returned to the doctor for a check-up and to have the dead baby removed from her womb.

    “To his amazement, the doctor detected that the fetus was alive again,” said Fr. Wojciech.

    The child who experienced this grace is about 5 years old now and is developing well.

    “There is no trace of how dramatic the beginning of his life was,” said Fr. Wojciech.


    Return to Steubenville

    I recently returned from a mission trip to the Lord’s Ranch in Vado, New Mexico.  It was a great experience.

    Here’s a little about Fr. Richard Thomas, SJ, who founded the Lord’s Ranch.  This is taken from his obituary (he died last year).

    "In 1964 he was appointed executive director of Our Lady’s Youth Center in El Paso, Texas, where he found his passion. Under his leadership, the center grew to include ministries to the poor in different areas of Juarez, Mexico, including food banks, medical and dental clinics, prison and mental hospital ministries, and schools. Dedicated volunteers from both sides of the border run the various ministries.

    "In 1975 Fr. Thomas founded the Lord’s Ranch east of Vado, New Mexico. Over the years the ranch has provided recreation and rehabilitation to needy youth, housed hundreds of visitors from all over the world, run retreats for young and old, and is home to KJES International Shortwave Radio Station which broadcasts to every continent. A weekly Wednesday night prayer meeting started by Fr. Thomas expanded to include catechism classes for children, individual counseling, and times for the sacrament of Reconciliation."

    Here is a story that further explains the history of Our Lady’s Youth Center.