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The Return of the Blog

It was down for a while there, but it’s back. At this time, I would just like to quote from an Angelus address of St. John Paul II: Mary, in fact, when considered in the fullness of the Church’s mystery and mission, not only expresses its independent personality, at the apex and at the beginning… Read More »

Charles Untz

It doesn’t hurt to ask… Well, here’s the prayer to ask for the intercession of Charles Untz, a teenager who died in 2000 and some consider to have been a rather holy young man. A very simple website testifies to him: My Lady’s Knight. A prayer asking his intercession: Oh, Jesus, in these most difficult… Read More »

Cornelius a Lapide’s Marian Commentaries on Scripture

I found a rather useful doctoral dissertation concerning the commentary of Cornelius a Lapide and Mariology. The dissertation is entitled Cornelius a Lapide’s biblical methodology used in Marian texts and its comparison with a contemporary approach. It was written by the Very Rev. James Presta. It contains a number of translations into English from the… Read More »

Religious Liberty

This is a time when religious liberty is clearly under attack in the United States. Let’s pray for the triumph of God’s will. Holy Hours, novenas, and Mass intentions are in order. May freedom of religion be maintained in our land.

10 years ago

What was happening 10 years ago? Students from Franciscan University of Steubenville, as part of the Sonlife California mission trip, participated in an episode of The Price is Right and one got on the show! Read about it in an old blog entry.

Catholic Novels of the 19th Century (free online)

Here’s a list of some of these available. Alice Sherwin: An Historical Tale in the Days of St. Thomas More by C.J.M. Rosemary, or Life and Death by Dr. Huntington Blind Agnese, or, The little spouse of the Blessed Sacrament by Cecilia M. Caddell The Pearl of Antioch: A Picture of the East at the… Read More »

A Rather Slow Blog

I intended to do more blogging during the Lent, but it didn’t happen. I think part of the reason is that I don’t feel like I have anything particularly original to say. Others are saying things more clearly and probably reaching a lot more people. I know that I have no regular visitors to the… Read More »

The News at News.VA

This new site from the Vatican: NEWS.VA, has plenty of information about the Pope. It’s a great resource to check on, and you can “like” a Facebook version of it also. I think it will be an importance source during this time of transition, when other sources are often less than reliable.

Somewhere along the line….

I recently saw some statistics on a particular community of religious women, and I now have a better understanding of why some communities (well, actually there are a number of them) haven’t had vocations for quite a while, and if they do have any, they aren’t very young. This community listed all living members and… Read More »

Proclaim Liberty — new e-book

It looks like a good read. This is a new book by Carl Anderson, Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus, and it is designed for the Catholic voter. Proclaim Liberty only $2.99

Beautiful 20th Century Classical Music

I read the articles of Robert Reilly in Crisis Magazine concerning classical music, and here’s another “find” of something worth listening to from a composer who had a rather complicated life, suffering under Nazis and Soviets.

Martyrdom in the XXI Century

Does it seem odd to you? This century is not very old but the number of Christians losing their lives because of their faith is growing. Here’s some resources on this trend: Martyrdom in the XXI Century