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(Soon to be Saint) Stanislaus Papczynski

Yes, Pope Francis is scheduled to canonize the founder of the Marians on June 5 in St. Peter’s Square. Yes, the Marians can finally say we have a saint–the founder of the congregation! I hope to be there, although I’m going to have to travel all the way from California. For further information about our… Read More »

Max and Me

If you’ve seen the CGI movie The Greatest Miracle, then you know Dos Corazones films. The CGI in that movie was somewhat primative, but they have boosted their efforts for their next movie: Max and Me. This will interweave a modern story with the story of St. Maximillian Kolbe. Although there is not a trailer… Read More »

Annunciade Sisters

The Marians of the Immaculate Conception received Pontifical status in 1699, but did not get their own rule at the time. Instead, they were put under The Rule of Ten Virtues (modified for a male community), a rule for a community called The Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and more commonly known as the… Read More »

Instead of “The Fault in Our Stars…”

young adults should be reading Young Faces of Holiness. These are true stories… not fiction! Real young folks showing heroic virtue! Some are saints and blesseds in the Church. But, this advise does not have huge marketing machines backing it up. Ergo, it is completely ignored. However, I am used to this. Bl. Chiara Luce… Read More »

Life of St. Agnes

St. Agnes has been the subject of great sermons and poetry down through the ages (not to mention a major character in Cardinal Wiseman’s novel Fabiola). An excellent book about here is available online: Life of St. Agnes, Virgin and Martyr by Aloysius Smith. Here is a little from the introduction: SAINT AGNESE FUORI LE… Read More »

Palms by Anna Hanson Dorsey

I would like to recommend the novel Palms by Anna Hanson Dorsey. It’s the story of St. Nemesius of Rome and his daughter Lucilla. The book is based on the account that can be found in the book The Victims of the Mamertine by Augustine O’Reilly. This novel is a moving fictional account, something like… Read More »

Mary of Nazareth

I was able to see some of the edited English edition of this Lux Vide production. It is indeed quite impressive, but needed the editing from the original miniseries format. Ignatius Press has a Webpage dedicated to it now: Mary of Nazareth.