More thoughts from Fr. Founder

Another bit of writing from our Founder, Ven. Stanislaus Papczynski.

Consider how bad is the state of a mind, which does not recognize good, does not grasp it and even rejects it. The Apostles were blind like this, when they did not understand the Lord speaking about suffering and His imminent death. The reason for this lay in the fact that a virtue of love was still hidden from them, its role and perfection; that one would want to suffer and share the torments and misfortunes and bad fate of another, whether a friend or a person ill-disposed toward us. If you do not yet have a desire to help your brother and to suffer the most painful and disagreeable things, know that you have not understood the essence of the perfection of love and you are truly unlearned, not knowing all the virtues which make us enter into heaven. Ask, ask, God for the light to understand the importance of each of the virtues. Ask for recognition of what He wants you to do and what road He wants you to take to perfection. Ask and pray like this: “Give me discernment that I may live” (Ps 118:144). “Open my eyes that I may consider the wonders of your law” (Ps 118:18).

(Inspectio cordis 28r-29r)

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