Thoughts from the Founder of the Marians

Our Founder is to be beatified later this year. Here are some thoughts of his: (The translation is not perfect.)

“The Father loves me for this” (Jn 10:17). Christ says that the reason why His Father loves Him, is that He gave his life for the salvation of the people.

Similarly, you will experience the love of God, only when you care for the salvation of your brother and out of love for him, you will take up and bear all distress, difficulties and demands. The one who does not love his brother is unworthy of God’s love. The one who, because of the Highest Good, does not treat with love those who do wrong to him, is undeserving of the love of this Good.

Would you like God to love you? Then love your brother because of God. Since every day, you receive so many goods from the hand of God, why don’t you do good to others? God gave His love for your salvation, while for the salvation of your brother, you try to avoid even the slightest hardships. Believe me: in this way, you do not love God and God is not going to love you. “There is no greater love than this: to lay down one’s love for one’s friends” (J 15:13).

(Inspectio Cordis)

I’m not sure how the final line reads in the Latin, but I would say that the line “God is not going to love you” is hyperbole–a rhetorical device. Fr. Founder also said a great deal about the mercy of God.

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