I went to a talk…

From Deus Caritas Est (41):

“Mary is a woman of hope…  Mary is a woman of faith…  Mary is a woman who loves.”

These phrases have formed the theme for a series of talks here in Rome from December of 2006-May of 2007 every Saturday at the Basilica of S. Maria in Via Lata.

I went to the latest “Sabato Mariano” and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the talk.  Of course, one must keep in mind the talk was in Italian and I probably got less than 20% of what was said.  Still, I liked what I understood.

The talk was called “Maria, donna che ama” (Mary, a woman who loves).  It was given by Mons. Juan Esquerda Bifet.  I’m glad Italian is not his native language, or I might have understood less.  He spoke slowly and clearly.

Mons. Bifet worked from Deus Caritas Est, and also mentioned “Tertio Millenio Adveniente,” in which John Paul II mentioned Mary as the one who “will appear before the eyes of believers as the perfect model of love towards both God and neighbour” (54).  He discussed how Mary shows forth love of God perfectly, in particular by her following the will of God.  She really is beyond what we can say about her.  Thanks be to God for His creation:  the Immaculate Virgin Mary.

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