Living without Videogames

By | November 17, 2006

Yes, friends, it can be done.

When I saw images of people trampling each other to get a PlayStation3 console, I wondered how someone could end up like that.

Actually, perhaps I could have ended up like that. I have a feeling that I would be quite unhappy in such a state, however, because living a materialistic life is a continual "grasping at straws" and the straws keep slipping through one’s fingers (i.e. they get old). The very fact that people were trampling each other for this one is a sign that they will do it again, and mainly because the PlayStation3 will not be enough. Its "golden value" will tarnish quickly.

Where are the long lines of people waiting to volunteer at a soup kitchen? If only people knew how satisfying serving the poor is, there would be long lines. (Actually in some places, there are more than enough volunteers).

Ok, by itself serving the poor is of limited satisfaction, but to know that one is serving God and earning treasure in heaven?

Rushing to buy a new videogame machine is not an example of storing up treasure in heaven. It is a rush toward an eventual disappointment.  But did I really have to say that?

Such limited pleasure is so not worth it.  Treasure in heaven is so much more worth it than we could ever imagine.

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