A Blessed Easter to All

Christ has risen! Someday we will all rise at the resurrection of the dead!

I note that my blog continues to be highly ignored. From reading it myself, it makes sense. It’s really not all that interesting. Unfortunately, I don’t have that “public relations” knowledge that would do anything to make it more popular. And, of course, being popular is not something I should be seeking anyway. Actually, you could say that the blog is succeeding by not being popular! In fact, my community is known for not being well-known.

It’s Free

A new venture called Hulu provides some old TV shows. I’ve been watching episodes of “The Bob Newhart Show” via VeohTV free with limited commercial interruptions. The show was something of a childhood favorite for me.

I notice that there is a definite lack of certain things on most sitcoms, regardless of the era. There are generally no prayers before meals. You don’t see anybody attending church except for a wedding or funeral. As a matter of fact, prayer is quite scarce in general, and if the name of God is mentioned, it probably isn’t in the context of prayer.

One rare exception was the show called “Just the Ten of Us,” which took place at a Catholic school. Every episode included some prayer, and the oldest daughter on the show wanted to become a nun.

I should note that Bob Newhart did some work for Fr. Patrick Peyton, so he helped promote faith and prayer a bit.

Update from March 13: Hulu is now online and open to the public. I just watched an episode of “Ironside.” Raymond Burr appeared in some Family Theater radio and TV productions. I think he even played one of the apostles!

Bad News

If you know where to look, you can find news on some awful things going on around the world. The Myanmar situation is the tip of the iceberg. For instance, there has been a war in Sri Lanka since 1983. 1983! Imagine living in a war zone for 24 years, and the fighting continues. Did you know there is a war there?

Fortunately, we are called to walk by faith and not by sight. God’s providence is at work in the world. Sometimes it is more difficult to see and sometimes it is much easier. Our hope should be centered in God–He is in control. Keep praying, especially for peace.

Return to Steubenville

I recently returned from a mission trip to the Lord’s Ranch in Vado, New Mexico.  It was a great experience.

Here’s a little about Fr. Richard Thomas, SJ, who founded the Lord’s Ranch.  This is taken from his obituary (he died last year).

"In 1964 he was appointed executive director of Our Lady’s Youth Center in El Paso, Texas, where he found his passion. Under his leadership, the center grew to include ministries to the poor in different areas of Juarez, Mexico, including food banks, medical and dental clinics, prison and mental hospital ministries, and schools. Dedicated volunteers from both sides of the border run the various ministries.

"In 1975 Fr. Thomas founded the Lord’s Ranch east of Vado, New Mexico. Over the years the ranch has provided recreation and rehabilitation to needy youth, housed hundreds of visitors from all over the world, run retreats for young and old, and is home to KJES International Shortwave Radio Station which broadcasts to every continent. A weekly Wednesday night prayer meeting started by Fr. Thomas expanded to include catechism classes for children, individual counseling, and times for the sacrament of Reconciliation."

Here is a story that further explains the history of Our Lady’s Youth Center.

A non-blogging Christmas.

I had a rather quiet Christmas in Washington, D.C.  Yes… quiet.  Our house is surrounded by Catholic University, which is quiet right now with most of the students gone.  Now, I’m back in Steubenville.

I think this Tom Wiesner fellow has some promise as a musician.  His style is more relaxed than the sort of music I discussed in the previous entry.

Some Classic Catholic Books Online

Here are some books you can read online at Google Books:

Martyrs of the Coliseum by Rev. A. J. O’Reilly

The Future Life by Rev. Joseph C. Sasia, S.J.

Mary:  The Perfect Woman by Emily Mary Shapcote

Stories of the Saints:  Saints of the Early Church by M.F.S.

Life of the Venerable Anna Maria Taigi by R. F. Calixte

Faith of Our Fathers by James Cardinal Gibbons (1905 edition) Also can be downloaded as a PDF.

Theology of the Cultus of the Sacred Heart (dissertation) by Rev. Joseph Petrovits.  Also can be downloaded.


The quality which makes a reader master of the secret of books is primarily of the soul, and only secondarily of the mind ; and to get the deepest and sweetest out of literature one must read with the heart. A book read with the mind only is skimmed ; true reading involves the imagination and the feelings.

from My Study Fire Second Series by Hamilton Mabie

The weather is still unseasonably warm here in Steubenville.

Update:  Wow!  A favorite old book o’ mine is online!  Mariæ Corolla; a Wreath for Our Lady

Read this great poem from it:  A Corde Mariæ

The Heat Wave Continues

The semester has ended, but it certainly looks a lot like fall around here–not Christmas.

The postulants are leaving for vacation.  I’m staying around, but going to our house in Washington, DC, for Christmas.

I recently talked about the book Fabiola by Cardinal Wiseman during a homily.  Hopefully I will help some students to discover it.  Google Books put a public domain PDF out, but their automatic scanner botched the job–some pages only scanned halfway down.  Too bad.


This is certainly a mild winter here in Steubenville. I can go outside without a jacket during the day!

Although I’m not taking any official retreat during Advent, the house will be rather quiet after the postulants go on vacation. There will be something of a retreat-like experience here.

As Dr. D’Ambrosio says, Advent is a season of hope.