I Finally Saw October Baby.

I’ve wanted to see the movie for a while, but Holy Week was particularly busy, as was the time around Mercy Sunday, and then there have been other things that have come up.

My main reaction is, “Wow!”

I don’t feel adequate to review the film, but here’s something from an interview with Jon Erwin (director of the film) that sums it up pretty well:

“I believe the film is much more than just a pro-life film. I think it’s a celebration of life. It’s about forgiveness, it’s about love, it’s about knowing who you are, it’s about a lot of different things, and most of all it’s about the power of forgiveness.” – Jon Erwin, 5 Questions With Jon Erwin

Indeed. I think I recommend this about twice as much as I would recommend Bella. This movie does have some dialogue written for a Catholic priest that, I suspect, was not written by a Catholic, but it’s a mild complaint.

Yes, if you can, you should see it. I’m also excited that there will be some scenes in the DVD that were cut from the film, per the above referenced interview.

I also note that one of the executive producers, Dave Allen Johnson, was the creator of Sue Thomas FBEye. I’ve been rather impressed with his work over the years. I’m glad he was part of this success.

My Review of October Baby in IMDB

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