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Divine Mercy No Escape Returns to Hollywood

The Congregation of Marians of the Immaculate Conception have been promoting devotion to Divine Mercy since 1941. They promoted St. Faustina’s messages from 1941-1959, but then a ban was put on them by the Vatican because of faulty translations and the inability to access the original Diary at the time. Thanks to the work of… Read More »

Year of Consecrated Life

I have to remind myself–it’s the year of consecrated life as designated by Pope Francis from Nov. 30, 2014 to Feb. 2, 2016. So, it’s really about a year and 2 months. In general, the promotion of such a thing falls upon consecrated individuals and communities. Pope Francis is asking religious to “wake up the… Read More »

Divine Mercy Apostolates

The Marians are associated with a number of apostolates associated with Divine Mercy. Among them are Eucharistic Apostles of The Divine Mercy and the Mother of Mercy Messengers. A list of the apostolates is here.

I Finally Saw October Baby.

I’ve wanted to see the movie for a while, but Holy Week was particularly busy, as was the time around Mercy Sunday, and then there have been other things that have come up. My main reaction is, “Wow!” I don’t feel adequate to review the film, but here’s something from an interview with Jon Erwin… Read More »

A Seminarian’s Story

I must admit that I haven’t been updating the blog much. I should note that I am now teaching a night class at Franciscan University of Steubenville – Christian Moral Principles. It involves trying to give a broad survey of material that I had over the course of at least 4 semester classes, but by… Read More »

New Divine Mercy Program DVD

Over the years, there have been some important videos produced about the Divine Mercy Message and Devotion. One recent video (March, 2007) that is quite well done is the latest version of Tell All Souls About My Mercy. Older versions have been simply a recording of the live presentation of Dave and Joan Maroney, but… Read More »