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On the Turntable

Occasionally I’ll say what’s “on the turntable.” And today, it’s Dvorak’s Te Deum (a rare 10″ LP version). This is a strong choral piece with a great ending. If you’ve followed my blog, you know I’m a big fan of Antonin Dvorak. A recent LP find is the “Golden Treasury of Catholic Verse.” The LP… Read More »

Matt Maher’s music listened to on Space Shuttle

Yes, one of the astronauts, Ron Garan, is a core team member of LifeTeen. He took Matt’s new CD up this past May on a Shuttle flight–STS-124 Discovery. I saw a picture of it on Matt Maher’s website, but it was in a slideshow, and I couldn’t find a way to get just the picture.… Read More »

No Secret

Lyrics from the song by Stuart Hamblen: It is no secret, what God can do what He’s done for others, He’ll do for you with arms wide open, He’ll pardon you it is no secret what God can do Divine Mercy is not secret, but also not well known.

A Beautiful Day

Steubenville is not always gray and smelly. Today was actually rather sunny and nice. I took a walk in the neighborhood today–something I haven’t done since late last year. Easter Season is off to a good start. A recent find: A Child’s Garden of Freberg — a Stan Freberg “best of” LP from 1958. His… Read More »

Albums Dedicated to Our Lady

Here are some of the albums (from the 1950s, of course) with a particular focus on Our Lady that we have in our collection. The album with Loretta Young dressed as a nun contains the stories of the apparitions at Lourdes, Fatima, Paris, and Guadalupe. We have the original 78 record set of this at… Read More »

Our Lady Honored on 45s

The 1950s were an amazing time. A song called “Our Lady of Fatima” made the charts–even to the top 10! There was an article in Time Magazine about the song, which you can read here. You can listen to Andy Williams sing this song at The song was released by a number of artists.… Read More »

A Petra Song for the Ages

I was surprised to find a video of a live performance of a Petra song: Hit You Where You Live. This is indeed an important song to me. The lyrics talk about Jesus “hitting” you where you live, i.e. changing your life. I particularly like the lyrics: The only way you’ll know what He has… Read More »

A Song Dedicated to a Servant of God

Since it’s “All Saints”, I thought I would embed a video of a song (in Italian) dedicated to Servant of God Chiara “Luce” Badano. She was born one year after me! (1971) She died in 1990 from cancer at the age of 18. HER CAUSE IS IN PROGRESS! Talk about a recent example of holiness.

Searching for This?

The old ProLifeSearch is now, in case you were wondering. It’s been a while since I mentioned what is “on the turntable.” Today, Vaughan Williams 8th Symphony is the record of choice. The LP was purchased with both the 6th and 8th symphonies on it for 25¢. (Thanks be to God for thrift stores.)… Read More »