Books and Old TV

I’ve dealt somewhat with lots of old books we have at one of our houses, and there certainly are some gems. One of my favorites is Servant of God Fulton J. Sheen’s Preface to Religion, which deals with basic themes from a Thomistic standpoint. This is a great way to learn some basic Thomistic theological principles, although Archbishop Sheen doesn’t exactly say that this is what he is teaching.

The last part on faith, hope, and charity is a very clear but simple explanation of the theological virtues.

Meanwhile, I’ve been watching an old public domain TV show thanks to some free downloads of it. The show is called “Men Into Space.” It’s a late 1950’s presentation of space travel of the near future, and it was somewhat accurate on what would happen just 10 years later. It’s a curious example of science fiction that tries to look into the near future.

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