They Walk On

now i don’t know where the days go, they turn into weeks
they turn into years
summers turn into Christmas and they all disappear
and children turn from their childlike trust
as their laughter is turned into tears
still they listen for the voices that we all used to hear

they walk on

from the joy of a birth to the coming of age
from the freedom of the schoolyard
to the man at his work
from the safety of a mother’s arms
to the ends of the earth
we walk on

Tonio K. – We Walk On (portions)

These are simple yet profound thoughts. Tonio K. has a way of doing this sort of thing. Life has a way of passing by. Indeed, there’s a lot happening, but it’s all in the end within the context of our relationship with God, or lack thereof. Everything is contextual, but when you deal with the Infinite, the contextuality ends. (I think I made a new word there.)

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