T.S. Eliot

Fr. Z’s listening to T.S. Eliot on LP, so I thought I would mention that we have at the house here a 2 record set of Murder in the Cathedral performed in the 1970s. I followed along by borrowing the play in book form from the library and listened to it last year. That is really quite an amazing play — radically different from the movie Becket, and quite a work of psychological, philosophical, and theological drama. This is one play I would recommend reading, or, if you happen to have the interest and the money, buying used LPs of.

A few other gems in our “spoken word” LP collection:

Short Stories of O’Henry (This is a 16 2/3 LP set, but I don’t have that speed. I was able to transfer the LPs to audio files at 33 1/3 with Audacity and then just cut the speed in half. It worked perfectly.)

The Family Reunion — T.S. Eliot play

Coriolanus — Shakespeare play

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