A Thought from My Holy Land Pilgrimage

Here’s something I experienced from the most recent pilgrimage.

Besides our tour of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, I was able to spend some quiet time there on the last day of the pilgrimage. I saw a priest praying his breviary at a bench in the back part of Mount Calvary, opposite the altar at the Eleventh Station – Jesus is nailed to the cross. From this bench one can see the place of crucifixion and watch the pilgrims stream by – sometimes in big groups and sometimes a few at a time.

A little while later, I went there and prayed my breviary. It is the ultimate place to pray the psalms – their full significance is brought out at this place where the sins of the world were redeemed. I will try to remember this when I pray — to place myself on Mount Calvary.

Mount Calvary

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