Archive of Obscure Catholic Audio

I’m developing an archive of rather obscure Catholic audio files… mainly from LPs and reel to reel tapes of yesteryear. These are things which I presume to be in the public domain or have received permission to post.

You will find something for a variety of ages and tastes there (i.e. lives of saints, radio dramas, etc.). The files are listed newest first, so part 2 is shown above part 1 for programs which have 2 parts.

The Archive

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ebed melech

When I graduated back in the 90’s, I was the religion teacher at a parochial school that still had the slideshow/record player catechetical materials. I found them in a closet and actually used them for my 7th/8th graders. They loved them! I thought they were very well done.

Wish I still had them…they would make a perfect You Tube video now…

God bless,

Fr. Deacon Daniel


Hi Father,

Came across your blog through WDTPRS, I imagine I’m not the first. Delighted that Steubenville now have the extraordinary form, the nearest traditional mass to me is bi-monthly and 30 miles away, although my local parish (the Cathedral) is pretty good.

Anyway, the comment is really because I then noticed that you’ve got this audio library. I work for, perhaps you’ve heard of us? We were the official social network for WYD 08, and have grown rapidly since then, with the Holy Father himself sending a message to all the members of the site in September. We have an audio library which I manage, and we’re always looking for new talks to go in it. Do you know if we could upload any of these?

I won’t put my email address, as I try not to publish it to avoid spam, but will check back here in a week or so to see if there are any further comments… and do join Xt3, it really is great!

In Christ,

Fr. John Larson

I think you could post the audio files at your site without a problem.

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