From a Classic Book About Our Lady

When we feel utterly unworthy to approach her adorable Son, we may speak to Him through the Heart of Mary. When we are disappointed in earthly loves, we may be very sure of meeting no sorrow or distress where no one ever sought comfort in vain, or cried for aid without obtaining relief. When the death of others, whom we love, utterly casts us down, we may still turn to that immortal Mother over whom death has no empire, who has made us a place in her Son’s eternal mansion, and keeps it for us, a true and faithful Mother, watching for our coming home.

Best of all, her love is not limited by our own hearts. Like all mothers, she loves us with a gratuitous and superabounding love–more than we ever shall deserve. This is the sweetest charm of friendship–of motherliness, and this exceeding love is found in no other woman’s heart as it burns in the Heart of Mary.

From The Most Beloved Woman by Edward Francis Garesché

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