Call to Action Never More “Popular”

With over 25,000 hits on YouTube (ok, approaching 30,000 as of 5/17), the short video from the closing “Call to Action” 2008 liturgy gives the group lots of attention. (I’m not linking to it because I prefer to link to things I like rather than, um, other stuff.) Yet, many of those watching it are not taking it seriously. In fact, some of the comments are rather biting and unkind. I think one of the more appropriate comments is, “This is such a sad sight.” There’s a lot of negative blogging and, although my blog is practically unknown, I would rather have it that way than to get “hits” from making negative comments.

The one thing that stands out from the video for me is a definite generation gap. Young folks are almost completely MIA. Although I’m no longer a “young adult,” I think that most of those younger than me have never heard of “Call to Action.” If this video is their introduction, it will probably immunize them from any further interest in such a group. The video I link to in the previous entry has a much greater chance of producing a positive impression. This “folk Mass” scene has become rather “old” and the Traditional Latin Mass seems so “new and different!”

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