A Blessed Easter to All

Christ has risen! Someday we will all rise at the resurrection of the dead!

I note that my blog continues to be highly ignored. From reading it myself, it makes sense. It’s really not all that interesting. Unfortunately, I don’t have that “public relations” knowledge that would do anything to make it more popular. And, of course, being popular is not something I should be seeking anyway. Actually, you could say that the blog is succeeding by not being popular! In fact, my community is known for not being well-known.

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You should do some Q & A. It is crazy all the questions folks have about the Catholic faith and the reasons why. You would probably get to many readers with too many questons. Like this week, the day Jesus is conceived usually happens tomorrow on the 25th, but this year, because of it being two days after Easter, it is celebrated on the 31st. Why do they do that? Also, being that this was a leap year, some of the feasts from Feb 25th on were moved back a day, why is that? And some dioceses moved St. Patrick’s Day to March 14th this year, probably do to Holy Week, but why, does Holy week supercede St Patricks Day?

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