Archbishop of Canterbury on something

I’m just so amazed at this paragraph, I have to put it on my blog:

“The first point is what we heard concerning mechanisms of exclusion. That is a very unpleasant term, and I agree with those who said that they feel that discomfort and that unpleasantness in it. Behind it lies the very difficult but I think unavoidable question ‘Are there limits plurality infinitely extendable?’ Put in those terms I doubt whether we would any of us say that they were, but our problem in the Communion is that there are some things we know we can disagree about and that some things we don’t quite know that we can disagree about. I’m tempted to quote Donald Rumsfeld wasn’t it on ‘known unknowns’ and ‘unknown unknowns’ and all that so on; but I think it would be a dangerous assumption that there are no areas where that question doesn’t arise, the question of limits.” – Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury

Wow. That is just so amazing. I think I have some idea of what he means, but I’m not sure. This is ambiguity at its, um, greatest zenith?

I think he is trying to say that there are bound to be some limits to what can be accepted in the Anglican Communion. It doesn’t seem, however, that he can get much of a consensus as to what those limits are. The fact that he has to walk on eggshells to talk about the very idea of “limits” does not bode well for any sort of “official teaching” of the Anglican Communion. The only absolute left is relativity, and where is Jesus in all this?

Jesus, I trust in You!
Thanks be to God for Mary Immaculate.
Anglicans, come to the Church Christ founded!

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