Merry Christmas

A Merry Christmas to the few readers I have. This little blog would not continue without you. I’m spending Christmas in Washington, DC.

Here’s an interesting quote from the Telegraph in the U.K.:
“Roman Catholics have overtaken Anglicans as the country’s dominant religious group. More people attend Mass every Sunday than worship with the Church of England…”
from this article

Remember that Fr. Frederick Faber, in his original version of “Faith of Our Fathers” wrote this verse…
Faith of our fathers! Mary’s prayers
Shall win our country back to thee;
And through the truth that comes from God,
England shall then indeed be free.
Faith of our fathers, holy faith!
We would be true to Thee till death.

Of course, what is happening is not what Fr. Faber had in mind exactly, but take good news when you can get it.

In other news, Matt Maher signs with Essential Records–the label Third Day is on. This is a good Christmas present for him! A new CD is scheduled for April with old and new songs, but a much bigger marketing machine behind it.

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