Women Religious — pre- and post-

Women Religious–Commitment

An interesting juxtaposition of photographs with a news story about women religious speaks quite a bit without needing to say anything. As to what to put after “pre-” and “post-“, I leave it up to you, although by “pre-” I am referring to the group that opted for radical changes, and has not been able to produce many vocations after 1970 or thereabouts. They would probably refer to themselves as “Post Vatican II,” but I call them “pre-“, because there is a new generation of women religious that are less concerned about being connected to a particular council.

Irregardless of terms, the new generation gap in women religious is quite wide indeed. If the two sides spoke, what would they have in common to speak of? Here I am speaking of the two “representative styles” presented by the photographs. One happens to have older representatives, and the other younger. This should not make one think that all older sisters are of the “radical change” variety, or all younger sisters are faithful to the Magisterium.  I think I can safely say, however, that most younger sisters are faithful to the Magisterium.

Bearing fruit includes, of course, vocations. Holiness is, of course, the biggest draw for vocations. There’s always a shortage of that, but even a little can be a leaven in the dough.

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