Fr. John Gets Technical

I hope this helps somebody out there.

The Video IPod is cool, but expensive. It’s possible to get el-cheapo “MP4” players that do sorta the same thing. They tend to have rather small screens, but you can watch videos on them, and full-length movies at that. You can find the players for under $50, and sometimes even under $30!

I have one, but there’s a catch…

Like most of them, mine plays only a special video format (.mtv in my case, but most use .amv). A conversion program is provided, but it only converts from Directshow Filters (i.e. whatever can play in Windows Media Player).

MP4 video (ironically) is not normally supported by Windows Media Player.

I have temporarily solved this problem, for the most part, by downloading the 3ivx filter, but it stops working in 30 days unless you buy a license.

Still, some .mp4 files don’t work with it, such as “That Catholic Show”.

I can still get “That Catholic Show” onto my “MP4” gizmo by using the free YouTube Downloader program. I find the show on YouTube, copy the web address, and save the output as an .mpeg file (for some reason, the .avi format has problems). Then I convert to .mtv from the .mpeg file.
This way, I can watch Catholic video podcasts on the go… and without a video IPod!

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