A Difficult Time

Audrey Santo died April 14. When someone who is clearly a victim soul dies, trouble tends to follow. Victim souls tend to hold big trouble back, preventing the wrath of God from coming down (see the origin of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy).

Divine Mercy Sunday at Stockbridge on April 15 was overall even worse weather than last year (and we were calling last year the worst ever), although the wind wasn’t too bad. It was rather cold though, and some warming tents had to be sent up. On a different note, the weather at Kraków-Łagiewniki (the Shrine of Divine Mercy in Poland) was excellent.

New York City had more inches of rain than any previous records show, and there was plenty of flooding in the surrounding area. There are lots of damaged homes and buildings.

And now, of course, we have a national tragedy. I’ve read that the Bath School Disaster of Bath Township, Michigan in 1927 was worse, but guns were not used in that case.

This is certainly a time to pray, and I recommed the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

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