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those links to the image are neat. the restored painting looks as though it’s illuminated! God bless.

Nicole Herbots

I have been devoted to the Divine Mercy since May 1994, when I was bedridden for 3 months following a near-fatal head injury (a truck caught my bike wheel and dragged my helmeted head under his tire). I had a near-death experience and the doctor in the trauma unit kept repeating I should be dead. I prayed the 3 o’clock prayer daily while healing from the concussion, but I remained paralyzed from the right side. I had gotten the booklet of Divine Mercy from a Life in the Spirit Seminar three days before the accident. After 6 months, I fianlly summoned the strength in November 1994 to go to a charismatic prayer meeting, and be prayed over. I was healed and recovered the use of my right side . The 3’clock prayer to the Divine Mercy opened the way for my healong. I am therefore moved beyond words by seeingthe image after the restoration, by this 70th anniversary of the painting, and by its likeness to the Holy Shroud. I am a PhD physicist and have this year, through the recent research of STURP, just become convinced that the Holy Shroud is authentic, after having been fascinated by this mysterious object since childhood. The contemplation of the Divine Mercy image of Our Lord has brought a profound,complete healing in my life, and a deeper encounter – deeper every day over the past 10 years – with my Lord & Savior, and His Precious gift of Mercy. This image is truely miracoulous in the power it conveys to receive His Grace. Go bless you.


I remember Aug 1967, Ephese, Turkey, visiting
Mariam Ana, the house where Virgin Mary died.
The place is whorshiped by both christians and

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