Anglican Use Mass DVD in production

I just saw on Dappled Things that a Catholic parish that celebrates the Anglican Use rite is making a DVD.  Check it out and watch a trailer!  This provides more access to the richness of Catholic liturgy, but also could cause another “want” among some Catholics.  I can hear it now… “We want Anglican use rite!  Why can’t our parish have this?”  Well, maybe there will be an indult here or there.  As St. Paul said, (Phil. 1:18)  “The important thing is that, in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached.  And because of this I rejoice.” (NIV)

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That was very beautiful!

Bro John

I’m going to have to attend an Anglican Use Mass someday if I can. I did once go to an Anglo-Catholic service, which seemed like a Tridentine Mass in English with no holy water fonts and open communion (of which I could not partake, of course). The homily was read straight from a church father, St. Basil, I believe.

Bro. Andrew, nSM

Greetings! Have you had a chance to attend an Anglican-Use liturgy yet?

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