A winter wonderland

I’m on vacation, and snowed in. Wisconsin got hit pretty hard. I was scheduled to celebrate a Mass at a Catholic high school, but school is out today. I celebrated Mass at my parents’ home (another first).

Now I’m listening to a 45 of the Harmonicats – Gallop of the Comedians. They sure can play. That’s right, they are still going after all these years.

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Dave Truckey

Hi John, congrats on becoming a Priest!! My work closed early because of the snow. See you on Sunday.

Eddy Lee

I was talking with Fr. Harry today because he is my confessor. He told me today that there was a new Marist priest saying mass, and I asked him the name and he said something like Johnson. I finally put two and two together and thought it was you. I called Fr. Harry and asked him if it was Fr. Larson and he said yes. So I hope to make it there tomorrow. However I have a dinenr with the Vocations director tomorrow to discuss college seminary, so I’m cutting it close but should make it on time.

Yours in Christ,

Eddy Lee

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