B16 on Youth and Volunteering

Source:  Papa Ratzinger Forum, Q&A WITH DIOCESAN PRIESTS OF ALBANO ON 8/31/06

"I think that the concept and experience of volunteer work is very important. Young people should not be left merely to indulging their diversions, but they should be given tasks in which they see that they are needed, in which they have a sense of doing something good for others.

"If they feel this impulse to do something good for humanity, for someone, for a group, then they will have a reason to involve themselves and will even find their own positive way of
getting involved, their own expression of the Christian ethic.

"It is very important that they find tasks that need their involvement, that enable them to render positive service inspired by Christ’s love, so that they themselves will look for the sources they can draw on to find the strength and the commitment for these services."

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