Charles Untz

It doesn’t hurt to ask…

Well, here’s the prayer to ask for the intercession of Charles Untz, a teenager who died in 2000 and some consider to have been a rather holy young man. A very simple website testifies to him: My Lady’s Knight.

A prayer asking his intercession:

Oh, Jesus, in these most difficult times for teenagers You gave the grace of purity, prayers, obedience, and fidelity to Your servant Charles. It was his desire to always do Your will and to become a saint. He fostered a great love for You in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar and a deep devotion to Your Most Holy Mother Mary whom Charles simply called, “My Lady”. We now ask You to glorify Your servant Charles on earth by granting the petition we now make through his intercession: (mention your request here). Amen.

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Intercede for me and my familly and those who havent found Jesus and the Catholic faith. Also thankyou to the Franciscan Nuns who put you Prayer on the reverse Our Lady of The America’s Prayer Card with the Image of Our Lady of Guadaloupe and distribute these Cards in the UK. They have helped with the future Beatification of Charles Untz. God bless from the UK

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