Matt Maher concert was great

Yes.  I was at the concert at St. Paul’s in Valparaiso, IN.  It included much audience participlation, and proceeds went toward a Jamacian mission trip.  Most importantly, God was glorified.  The church had the tabernacle in a room behind a sort of wall behind the altar, and a few of us went in and prayed after the concert.  While we could hear the noise from the church, it was muffled, and the little chapel was quite peaceful.

Matt Maher introduced a new song from Joshua Blakesley’s upcoming CD, which was quite soulful–Motown style. 

I strongly recommend seeing a Matt Maher concert if he comes to your area.  In fact, I think he should release a live performance DVD.

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I also have had the privilege of meeting Matt Maher and hearing him in concert on two occasions. I appreciate his music and often listen to it while driving. I have a habit of putting the litany of the saints that he does on repeat in my car and singing (sincerely praying) it over and over and over again. . . especially on particularly stressful/challenging days.


Dear Father,

This is kind-of self-serving, so I am afraid that I am off-topic in regards to your Matt Maher entry, though I do heartily agree that Matt Maher is one of the most dynamic and one of the best.

This refers to that awesome button on the bottom of your page that says “Holy See/In Union.” I, er, want it. May I ask where you got it so I can put it on my blog?

Thank you very much!

I also just wanted to say that the Marians rock and God bless you guys! I’ll be checking your blog frequently!



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