A practice homily

Dennis at Vita Mea wrote a practice homily for Mercy Sunday. I must say, his reference to Scooby Doo brought back memories. In fact, the episode he referred to was made into a talking ViewMaster ("That’s Snow Ghost"), which I remember having.

Of course, I doubt I could ever use such an example here. The age range is from below the age of reason to around 90 for Mass here, and those who would remember that sort of thing are the fewest of the congregants. Most members in their 20s and 30s are MIA, unless they are married with children.

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Sadly, I believe the unmarried 20’s and 30’s crowd is missing from most Churches. We have a few that attend our Church, but seem to run from anything that makes them actually think about or act on their faith. When they encounter someone their own age is at Mass out of faith instead of for the social time they seem to freak out.

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