A Household Song

If I were to do this entry properly, I would have to explain about the household system at Franciscan U. of Steubenville. Rather, I just want to point out that, among other talents, Amalia Zea (produced of EWTN’s "Life on the Rock") is a decent pianist and songwriter. She wrote a song called "My Beloved" years ago based on the Song of Songs. When I saw her perform it, I thought it was some professional song written by a Protestant and she happened to be one of the few that played it, but it turns out she wrote it. It became her household’s song. At the household’s page the lyrics to the song can be found with an MP3 file of the girls singing it. It sounds so… Steubenville… if you know what I mean. Amalia’s performance of the song (back when I saw her perform it) was incredible. She can seriously sing!

I should also mention that the Love of the Lamb household has some rather distinguished alumni, including Shannon Walsh, who was just on "Life on the Rock" recently.  It’s funny how that happens…   (She most definitely deserved to be–I’m not suggesting otherwise.)

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