Something completely different

I had an interest in androids when I was growing up.  The fact that I knew the word at age 6 is something in itself.  There were lots of movies with androids in back then (I remember seeing Westworld on broadcast TV and getting quite frightened).

Well, the work to make androids is starting to progress somewhat.  I think if I ran into Repliee Q2 and I were a little kid, that would be really scary.

This page has info on the project, with videos listed at the bottom of the page.  The "Introduction of the Android Research" is in English and gives a good starting point.  The inventor is aware of the deeper questions this project poses.  Where will this lead?  One thing is for sure… you can’t program a free will.  No matter how "lifelike" androids get, they will never be beyond the limitations of the programs running to make them appear alive.  They are left with the appearance of life, and not the reality.

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