Quotes from St. Maximilian Kolbe

I’ve got a book filled with great quotes from St. Maximilian Kolbe (Maria Was His Middle Name). Here’s an example:

“[Mary’s] will does not differ from the will of God. Calling upon Her without reserve, you manifest a love for the will of God, for Her will is so perfect that in nothing does it differ from His. Thus you give glory to God that He created so perfect a creature and took Her for His Mother.”
–Letter to a religious brother, 18.IV.1934

“The Immaculate One left this earth, but Her life is deep in the hearts of men and has spread wide and far. If all the souls that have made this earthly pilgrimage could speak, there would be countless ponderous tomes to witness the activity of the Immaculate One, that sensitive mother of souls, purchased by the Precious Blood of her Divine Son…” (From Material for a Book on the Immaculate: Throughout the Ages) (pg. 70)

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